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What is psychometric testing?

Using psychological tools to assess ones’ cognition, personality, motivation, skills and abilities

How can I trust the results of an assessment?

Psychometric assessments are psychologically driven measures to be used under strict standardised and supervised conditions

They can only be administered and interpreted by healthcare professionals registered with the HPCSA.

Validity and reliability studies on the tools we use have been conducted

How will assessments benefit my business?

They show higher predictive validity than other methods of screening for recruitment such as interviews, cv screening, reference checks

What information can a psychometric assessment give me that an interview cannot?

Underlying attributes of a person such as their personality preferences, inherent skills, abilities and cognitive preferences

One cannot gauge this as reliably from a typical interview

What value can assessments add?

Help identify underlying strengths and development areas

Improve selection decisions
Promote team cohesion
Identify barriers to learning
Identify leaders in the organisation
Assist in choosing the right career path
Career development
Talent management

How much do assessments cost?

Depends on the tools used

Some medical aids cover psychometric testing

How long does an assessment take?

Anywhere from an hour to half a day

Depends on the assessments chosen

Can assessments be done online?

Certain assessments can be done online without supervision

Assessments that require supervision can administered via Zoom, Teams or Skype or face-to-face